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Welcome to WICTRE

Innovation through excellence in sustainable water purification technologies.

WICTRE is an initiative for synergized and collective effort of 4 academic institutes (IITB, IITH, NCL & PDPU) working together under the umbrella of a research and innovation centre at IIT Bombay for taking the research from lab/institute to the industries (TATA steel, ONGC and other interested MSMEs) and society through various routes.

This can be achieved by following a pyramidal approach, with mapping at the apex followed by sensing and remediation to development of laboratory prototypes with commercial potential value as an input to the industry for providing solutions to the society.

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About the Center
What we do?

Water Innovation Centre: Technology, Research and Education (WICTRE) has been funded by the Department of Science and Technology. It is a collaborative effort of faculty members from IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, NCL Pune and PDPU. The thrust of this center is to develop academia - industry partnership to solve water related problems for the society.

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Innovation through excellence in sustainable water purification technologies.


Develop academia - industry partnership to solve water related problems for the society.

Quality Assurance in Research

Assurance about the care and control with which research has been conducted is our primary aim..

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Conference For Solving
Problems Related To Water

"Water is a precious resource that sustains life, yet it is under threat like never before. At this conference, we are dedicated to exploring the dedicated tracks for every water-related problem and empowering the young generation to use water efficiently. Let us unite in our efforts to safeguard this vital resource and secure a sustainable future for generations to come".
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Mind Blowing Was Last Year 2022

Through dedicated tracks and research, we can address water-related challenges and promote efficient usage. Let's come together to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Annual Conference 2022

International Conference on Water Technologies

Two days conference is organised by WICTRE, IIT Bombay to give chance to young researchers and academician to know about future water technologies and research.
Prof. Anita Mahadevan Jansen

Leadership Workshop

Leadership workshop organised by WICTRE for young entrepreneurs and students to understand research and lead the future.
Event on World Water Day

One Day Water Symposium 2021

One day event is organised by WCTRE on recent for water technologies and resarch.
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